The Authors in Abstract

Michael David Anderson

Michael David Anderson is a horror and suspense novelist originally from East Tennessee. His tales include the Teddy Dormer novels, Teddy and Wake, and his latest release, In the House of Wolves. In addition to writing scary stories, Anderson is a poet, gamer, and occasionally dabbles in stand-up comedy. His dogs, Bandit and Rory, serve as a constant distraction from productivity.

Tom Farmer

Born to geeky parents and raised on a diet of Star Trek and Babylon 5, Thomas started writing at an early age, managing to keep the hobby alive long enough to make something of it. He’s quite glad some of those early drafts and stories no longer exist, though his mother, as mothers do, claims she has copies of them. Writing occupied much of his spare time throughout school and the years after, eventually culminating in an ostensible magnum opus he calls the “Chronicles of St. Michael.” To this date, those stories still reek of many “early writer” problems, but he promises they will, one day, see the light of publication. His first novel, “The Week the World Ended” came to him when a dream about monsters that stole water meshed with the spoken ending of Alice Cooper’s “Devil’s Food.” Another of his upcoming novels, “Scourge of Gods,” came to him in a fever dream while recovering from food poisoning. “It’s not the best way to get ideas,” he says. When his hands aren’t full with books, reading or writing, he fills them with swords. Four nights a week, as of this publication anyway, he teaches historic fencing, also called HEMA (Historic European Martial Arts) as one of the head coaches of the Knoxville Academy of the Blade. He lives with his wife, Stephanie, their three cats, lizard, and snake.


Whitney Petelka

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