Authors in Abstract is Moving!

Dearest Southern Fried Radio Network, including

Aaron Cody Campbell, Business Owner

… and everyone else in the network lineup and crew!

“Authors in Abstract”, its hosts and producer are leaving the
Southern Fried Radio Network and Southern Fried Media.

We are so grateful to have had the access to the talent, equipment, and knowledge that SFR has given us for the past 11 months. We started as awkward podcast zygotes, but now we’re fully-formed bladder-kicking two-months-overdue-for-birth infants. Thank you all for incubating us well!

Now, down to business.

“Authors in Abstract” is Trademarked Intellectual Property belonging to Michael David Anderson, Thomas A. Farmer, and Whitney Downing Petelka. That includes all media including, but not limited to: artwork, photographs, show recordings, and social media presences. “Authors in Abstract” as a show entity will be departing from the “Southern Fried Radio Network” / “Southern Fried Media” umbrella. All future episodes will be recorded and released under our own steam.

At 38 episodes (and counting!), we are further with our little podcast project than we ever thought we would be. Along with other personal events for the three of us, Michael David Anderson’s house sale and subsequent move to Orlando was the final push we needed to decide to fly the nest and move the show to our own small three-person operation. With the knowledge we have gained from our time with SFR, especially the guidance of Aaron Cody Campbell, we feel confident that “Authors in Abstract” will continue to succeed.

“Southern Fried Radio Network” / “Southern Fried Media” is encouraged to continue posting “Authors in Abstract” Volume 1 (Episodes 1 – 38) including featured photos and logos as long as Aaron Cody Campbell signs a contract detailing the ownership and any shared usage rights. Said contract has already been drafted in light of the show hosts ownership of the “Authors in Abstract” trademark. AiA Vol 1 is a great showcase of our work with SFR, and we would be happy to continue showcasing the SFR name on those recordings.

We will be taking with us the Facebook (@authorsinabstract), Instagram (@authorsinabstract), and Twitter (@aiabstract) accounts for “Authors in Abstract”. As the hosts were the ones who made the accounts in the first place, such things are included in our trademark.

It is in our hopes that our departure is not seen as a heartless abandonment of SFR. We are open to guesting on SFR shows and collaboration on future creative projects. The three of us have been heavily deliberating this move, and we truly feel it is in our best interests as creators and busy humans. We hope our SFR family will understand and be supportive of our move to independence!

Thank you all again for all of the love, education, and support we’ve been given. We wish all of you the best and brightest in your future creative endeavors.



Michael David Anderson, “Authors in Abstract” Creator and Host

Thomas A. Farmer, ‘Authors in Abstract’ Defenestration Expert and Host

Whitney Downing Petelka, ‘Authors in Abstract’ Producer and Host

Here is the signed PDF version of this letter: AiA_SFR Breakup

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